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The Equalizer

We know exactly what's going on here, okay? Punishment, isn't it? Ongoing for something that was clearly an accident and now, you have found us!


The reason you haven't heard of us in these cosmos, is because you haven't discovered us yet in today's complex planetary system. The increasing lifeless, boring-crowded weekly/monthly printed publications with the same competitive businesses that are vying for the attention for the same consumers in an increasingly same quadrant as a distributed packet-switched network.

Like many other industries, trying to promote their products and services in the travel and tourism industry is a monumental undertaking at best with the Internet as a global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices.

Okay, We're sure you have been busy and you're just trying to find the passport to life. But could you have not come a wee bit sooner? Seven days. We've been here, waiting for you.

There isn’t an advertising platform more flexible in thinking outside the box or iconic and recognizable, in in this universe or throughout the galaxy than ours, and without the freedom of choice there is no creativity!


The relationship we have with our advertisers and tourist is to fulfill any request from our sponsors and their guest may have during the course of their stay. With our assurances and beyond, of all experiences to be utilized with unparalleled access for a promising future and making their impossible; possible, if not surpassed.


While vacationing in this planet, in a system of billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attractions. Couple that with the necessity in helping our clients in their daily life that involves demanding challenges and expecting more from ourselves each day than we expected the day before. Identifying your consumer needs through intricately-woven market digital research, world social media, print and visual. It's designed to disrupt and to be seen weekly by hundreds of thousands of tourists and residences, centralized around your campaign and is the finest visual medium in stratospheric levels to create your iconic brand presence.                                                                                 

 Except, the thing is, even if we believed you, all right, where you're from, or what you've done.           

Which We Don't by the Way.

I presume you've prepared for a riveting campaign with our crew of a thousand ten miles tall.

2020 Oscar Winners

The Force is Awakening

Jan Michael Degrat

President of Operations.

Specialty: Editor-In-Chief, Film Equity Player, Public Relations, Executive Sales, Production Designer and Professional Driver/ Showoff


Sagg Degrat
Vice President Of Entertainment,

Specialty: Assistant Editor & Loreal Model, Event Coordinator, Public Relations. Fashion Designer

Remington Degrat

Vice President of Cinema.

Specialty: Motion Graphic Artist & Designer, Photographer, Digital Filmmaker, Video Producer, Chippendale Model and Entertainer.


Michael Kush

Director Human Resources.

Specialty: Human Resources, CE 500 Series Pilot License & Professional Stuntman.

Alessandra Zamanova
Executive Director Of Sales & Modeles

Specialty: Production Designer, Shows, Concerts Music Promotional Artist & Professional Actor.

Erika Alba

Executive Director of Services

Specialty: Photographer, Calendar & Professional Services 

Luciana Ambrosio
Executive Director Of Internet Sales

Specialty: Internet Sales, Placement & Professional Model

Zac Salazar

Chief Technology Officer

Specialty: Programming & System Administration Developer, Filmmaker (Unambiguous Algorithms & Data - Google)

Aiden Reems

Strategist Optimizer Manager Analyst

Specialty; Google -S.E.O Scholar - Senior Computer Search Engine Optimizer.

Crissy Van Deven
Brand Partnerships

Specialty: Brand Awareness, Professional Model, Imagery & Marketing, Art Director

Samantha Brinx

Senior Creative Director

Specialty: Creative Chronological Video Designer, Advertisement Planner, Graphic designer - Video Producer - Remix

Ali Cerny/ Savannah Jaymes/ Lisa Benz

Senior Script Writers

Specialty: Writing the Unknown

Gianna Reed 

Staff Photographer

Specialty​: Photographer, Never tell her the odds & Professional Model & Actor.

Kayla Monroe

Image Editor

Specialty: Event Photographer in the know, Image Editor & Professional Actor & Guess Model.

Ryian Omalley

Prop Manager

Specialty: Set designer, Hammer ,Nails, Screw gun with ingenuity and light years away from his closest competitor

Johnathan Clooney

Director Of Distribution

Specialty: Defining our Galaxies

Mr. Stixx

Private Limousine Driver

Nikki Easton/ Katherine Rhodes/ Carlie Shea/ Brent Rae


Specialty: Modeling Operations, spokespersons

Professional Models, 



8465 W. Sahara Ave.
Suite 111-263
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Phone 702.969.4244


Orange County

Brad DuVall/Jess Stylez

Specialty: Driver Delivery of Advertisers & Promotions

Los Angeles

Lee Rai/Michael Benz

Specialty: Driver Delivery of Advertisers & Promotions

We thank you and for every good wish will come true for you and your family from a very Grateful & Humble.

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Bible verse: 2 Chronicle  7:14