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Wizard Of Oz

Squeeze by at 200 MPH

We've been waiting for you and we meet again, at last. The circle is now complete and the time has come to raise these curtains and have some fun. When we left you, we were but the assistants. Now, we are the masters of the Movie-Method, in allowing the music to play on in revealing unique artistic expressions and souvenir quality promotional pieces of art. While everybody singing, everybody dancing, and to lose ourselves in wild romance. We’re going to party in "Dwell Time", with visionary articulating advertising's adventures. We will continue to search for new life forms, in order to establish firm diplomatic ties in creating your bold image and product signatures with branded storytelling all night long.

This planetary system is the final frontier and once again, we’ve saved civilization as we know it. Our 11-year adventurous mission will be the beacon of originality with accomplishments adopting the Movie-Method in harnessing the pinnacle of your campaign. We will generate an increased consumption for your products and/or services in today’s Media Matrix Multi-Platform. We will explore strange new streets and unknown boulevards of newfound galaxies. Our final cut of impressive standards in maintaining influence with Culture and Artistry in the movie houses and in aggressiveness publications strategies with boldness and technical artist innovation that is unsurpassed with the “Big Six” major American Film Industry Studios.

The stories and tales will be told with curiosity, because we’re going to party all night long and shared with friends and neighbors for many years. A select few of Sponsored Advertisers with our broadcasting price structure the freedom of compassionate exposure. We will unleash your brand identity recognition in the Cosmos and second star to the right..... and straight on "till morning" with warp speed. It's designed to disrupt and to be seen weekly by hundreds of thousands of tourists and residences, centralized around your campaign and is the finest visual medium in stratospheric levels to create your Big-Bang Theory!

It’s our true aspiration for people to be entertained and dancing in the streets with our provocative label building creating comprehensive brand campaigns with limited Non-Competitive Agreements.


Allow your message to play on with the Advertiser responsibility for Pre-Production Engineering. Advertiser will receive “At no extra cost”, with 1/4 Display Advertisement or larger and a minimum of a 3 month Contract agreement a Promotional Product Video Commercial. The video will be produced by our crew and a Professional Motion Graphic Artists. Such video will be a 3-5 second product commercial to be used Wide World Web exclusively during the Pet Friendly Yellow Pages marketing Campaign Only.  (Advertiser can purchase said video after campaign has ended for $1100.00 without restriction).

Advertiser will have an opportunity with additional cost for a Google S.E.O. Scholar and Social Engineer for content marketing and competitive edge for such Product Video Production.

If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth with a distinct personal high impact following targeting customers in the corridors, dancing in the streets and allow the music to take control with a live Walking Billboard Campaign. It will allow your business with entrepreneurial spirit to play on an ultimate outdoor display with result driven for brand awareness. So, come along and sing our song while the music is playing with incomparable impression of brightness with clarity and will set to simulate the sky at any point in time, past or present, and often to depict the night sky as it would appear from any point of latitude on Earth and beyond in a galaxy far, far away!

Distinctive Artistry Caricature Culture Map - Monthly distribution with exclusive targeted Distinct Venues - Sponsorship Opportunities - Radio frequencies with tens of thousands of listeners (Soon - Working on it as fast as we can) - Two - Five Thousands Door to Door monthly distribution engagements concentrated within angels of different quadrants - Hundreds of thousands of creative E - circulations concentrated on legitimate Domestic and International Tourism subscribers @ - Offensive campaign with Hotel Concierges & Convention Centers - Publicize businesses live at mixers - Internet exposure web links focusing with interactive listings & mobile guide - with Hundreds of Thousands impressions with new CTR Customers 2019 – (Click-Through Rate) - An amazing fortune of DOT.COM resources  with establish direct links your businesses, for you and family to prosper.  NO OTHER ADVERTISER ON THE PLANET HAVE AS MANY, OUTSIDE INFLUENCES DOT.COMs RICHES - International  & Domestic Travel Agents networks - Enterprising S.E.O. (Search Engine Scholar) with content marketing platform and a competitive edge from a Goggle Optimizer Social Engineers – Big screen Hollywood talents - Visionary Social Digital Media Forums and back to the future!

In a sense, we will recognize visual advertising  everywhere in challenging a flexible strategy within the galaxies by pushing our boundaries in responding to changes in customer perceptions with swinging and swaying with integrity playing for your personal success in honoring and truly caring for your family, friends, businesses withy the study of past events.

We’re going to party and we will seek out new life forms of tourists and residences with everybody singing, everybody dancing and loose ourselves in a wild romance and to boldly go where no human advertising brand identity campaign has gone before and let the music play on in reaching forums and planetarium systems.

These are the voyages of the Pet Friendly Yellow Pages and its crew to bring Hollywood Movie

Methods to expand advertisers endeavors and support all of their extraordinary accomplishments.

We're an exciting brand with privileges, advertiser with a guest will be    

cordially invited exclusively to our first 2021 "Black Tie" Masquerade Party

What Does This Mean​

  It means fasten your seat belt Dorothy, and beam me up Scotty, cause Hollywood is coming deep into the void

  Please see Terms of Service under advertise for Restrictions, and Conditions.

We thank you and for every good wish will come true for you and your family from a very Grateful & Humble.

                                                                                 Pet Friendly Yellow Pages


8465 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 111-263

Las Vegas, NV. 89117

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